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The Busy Mom 

The busy mom has a number of factors to take into consideration. Being a mom is a full time job so its similar to running a company. In the company you need the hours of operation the organizational chart,incentives for the employees.This would also apply for the home so each individual is responsible for a task from dad to children however without a reward policy its hard to get this done productively.Inaddition to all this there must be guidelines that govern these responsibility with everyone being aware of these guidelines.

Managing the home has to be everyone in the household responsibility. This may relsult in the busy mom suffering from fatigue or becoming frustrated. Some contributing factors are house cleaning, parent teachers meeting, children homework,laundry,important errands. Having to do all this daily leads to exhaustion that is why is is important to set priorities and have the entire household participating. There is also the unpredictable moments when a child gets sick or the entire household gets sick.This calls for the busy mom's flexibility to survive under pressure.

The busy mom should find time for herself to pamper herself. She should get her hair nails done ,take time out to watch her favourite movie. She can also have a girls night out with her friends. However in order to devise a plan she must sit and make her checklist and organize her life accordingly. We as mother's must understand we must stand on our own and support our priorities.

............Smart Move .............

Don't over schedule weekends.Plan some free time for activities that refresh you.Make a note on your calendar just as you would an important appointment.

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