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 Question: Are children entitled to their own opinion?

Answer: Yes they are It does not mean as parents we have to agree but we should listen their line of reasoning to help us with the communication process. As parents we are not always right.

Question: Is it cool to break promises to our children?

Answers: It is impossible sometimes as busy moms to fulfill our promises to our children one best practice is sometimes not disclose what you are planning to do until you are sure it is going to happen.However in the event that th

Question:Do parents have favourites?

Answer:Yes they do but the children should never know who the favourites are this brings about animosity among siblings.

Question: Should children be rewarded when they excel in areas such as school work and extra curricular activities.

Answer is yes they should be rewarded once they excel in areas of school work and extra curricular activities. This motivates them to aim at suceeding in all things they do.

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