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Write your post here.April 23,2011

Motherhood for me has been one of the greatest life experiences I had.Raising three daughters with absolutely different personalities.There had been nothing in life that prepared me for the joys the challenges the sacrifice that came with this full time job.I will start with Netanya hardheaded like her mom who believes she is old enough to make her decisions not forseeing the dangers that may lurk ahead. As she matures she realizes that her mom only wants whats best for her.However nothing prepared me for the day when I had to make the decision for her to migrate to the United States.That was one of the hardest decision I had to make in my life but I had to think about her future and the emotional impact if i did not send her.In the end she went with the full understanding that I would not want her to hate me for depriving her of the opportunity.After three years no regrets that I made the right decision Netanya is now one of the top swimmers and the second best singer in her school that may be a superstar in the making.

Trey-Anna my second born who came at a time when I thought my life would have sad ending when my mom died but this little bundle of joy came and made a difference in my life.Trey-Anna has grown to be the back bone of the family always wants her family together and cease every opportunity to tell her mom and sisters that she loves them dearly at age 7.Trey-Anna also possesses skills that exceed her age she is an avid reader among the top students in her class already is choosing her high school that she wants to attend.She is an amazing child that often brings her mom to tears with just the darnest things she says.

Cameron the baby of the group and knows it well and practice this well she does anything for attention.Her demanding nature as earned her all the attention she desires from her sister mom and other members of her family.Cameron is a member of the terrible twos she is still in the early phases of creating her personality so I cant judge her yet but she still possess the loving nature like her older sisters.

My challenge as a mom is the time I miss which will never return being at work making a living for these girls,good thing about I communicate well with them so they are understanding.Overall I love being a mom although its not always fun but its a journey that is breathtaking and spectacular.

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